In Support of Parents

In Support of Parents

Read our guest editorial about the importance of parenting resource centers

by Maureen McCarthy on 05/15/14

It was published in Fort Wayne's Journal Gazette on May 1st. Here's the URL:  Let us know if your community has parenting resource centers where parents can get good, research-based information that supports an empathetic and responsive parenting style and shows the harmfulness of "independence-training" techniques such as leaving babies alone to "cry it out."

Response to comment about link not working

by Maureen McCarthy on 03/12/14

Thanks, Irene, for writing. We checked out our website on Firefox, Explorer and Chrome and it worked. So am not sure why you couldn't get to our website. Hope it was a temporary problem and everything works now. 

Our YouTube video has had over 3000 views!

by Maureen McCarthy on 03/12/14

You can watch it on our homepage, and find it on YouTube with the title:
"Crying it out" is bad for babies! Learn more at"
Tell your friends about it! Let's help people understand what babies go through when left alone to cry themselves to sleep. 

Mobile devices can now see up-to-date, correctly formatted version of website!

by Maureen McCarthy on 10/29/13

I recently discovered that when people tried to see this website on their cell phones, they were told it was not available. The problem has been fixed, it's available, and should look OK. Please let us know if it's not. It everything's OK, enjoy all our website has to offer!

National magazine publishes article about "Parenting for a Caring World"!!

by Maureen McCarthy on 10/24/13

La Leche League International has published an article I wrote about Parenting for a Caring World in Issue 4 (2013) in New Beginnings, its national magazine for parents that are interested in the benefits of human milk and breastfeeding for babies and families.

For a free subscription to New Beginnings, go to

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Parenting for a Caring World

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