Are you frustrated because your toddler resists bedtime?
Are you stressed because your children don't do what you want them to do? 

Do you ever wish you had your own personal parenting consultant?

        Look no further.  I can be your mentor and consultant so you can enjoy
        parenting more and get the results you want. 
I'm an experienced mentor and parenting counselor/consultant, so I can "be there" throughout your parenting journey or at least help you get off to a good start. 

Once you've learned some solid parenting principles and strategies and had success in applying them, you'll be able to deal positively with the many challenging situations that will present themselves as your children go through different stages of development. ​

I have a Master's degree from DePaul University in Counseling, Holistic Human Development and Parenting Education.  
Maureen McCarthy

  Comments made by mothers in written evaluations/statements after consultations or a series of parenting classes:

             "Maureen is very warm, supportive and understanding."

             "She had a very calming and relaxing voice and demeanor...not judgmental...great at offering suggestions..."
             "Maureen has many excellent qualities. Thanks to her suggestions, my children and I have been changing, 
               little by little – especially my 11-year-old son. I’m very grateful to Maureen for the knowledge she has shared
               with us. I’m very satisfied with the insights and support she’s given me." 

             "Thank you so much; we really enjoyed the class."

  Important notice:

 I can only spend a limited amount of time per week in private consultations, so I may not be able to schedule  
 sessions with everyone who contacts me.  I suggest that if you really want to consult with me, that you contact me soon.

I won’t tell you what to do. I’ll share proven principles and strategies with you and discuss how to apply them. I'll  tell you about the benefits of warm, attuned, responsive and relationship-oriented parenting. I’ll act as a sounding board, and share my perspective, thoughts and feelings. But ultimately you are the only one who will know what feels right for your own particular family; you’re the only one who can decide what you think will work in your own individual situation.  
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to let me know you've purchased
The packages (of 6 or 12 sessions) give a better per-hour rate than single sessions, and I additionally recommend them so that you won't have to struggle to make a decision about whether you really "need" to talk to me every time you have a concern. Many of us tend to think we have to have a "really good reason" to reach out for support or information. I believe that you, as a parent, deserve at least an hour or so a week in which you can receive support and information about the vital job of parenting and dealing with particular needs and situations. 
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Parenting for a Caring World

  Your Resource for CARE Parenting
    Conscious, Attuned, Responsive and Empathetic

  "Secure Babies, Strong Children, Successful Adults"
consultation time and to set up your first session. 
You might want to purchase only a single session at first, to make sure you feel comfortable with me before buying a package. ​


  Do you want to learn more about the benefits, principles and how-to's of CARE Parenting? 

         If you're in the Fort Wayne (Indiana) area, please join me for relaxed, informative classes in:

                 -    Baby Massage

                 -    Baby Sign Language (for hearing babies)

                 -   Positive Discipline  

​                 -   Introduction to CARE Parenting

       If you're not in the Fort Wayne area, you can still sign up for parenting consultations by contacting me.