Mom and baby laughing together
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Laughing relieves stress and is good for our immune systems.

Humor helps us to step back from the challenges of life and get a fresh perspective. 

​      So come to this page from time to time to enjoy a good laugh.
      Here we'll be sharing funny anecdotes about children, parenting or life as a family.
Post any amusing stories, anecdotes, jokes  etc. that you want to share on our Facebook page        or e-mail us through our Contact Us page.   
This true story was first posted on our FB page, "Parenting for a Caring World:

    A little boy whose mother was pregnant was asked by relatives if he wanted a brother or a sister. He said "We don't care if it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's wealthy."

Wouldn't it be nice if babies came with a stash of cash to help us raise them? 

Favorite mispronunciations of words by a toddler:    blueberries - "boobaddies"                  toothbrush - "boopbop"

In real life, Bill Cosby had 5 children, as he did on "The Cosby Show." When asked WHY he had five children, he answered:  "Because we didn't want six!" 
​Those of us who are grandparents have found truth in Bill Cosby's words about aging: 

               "You know you're getting old when you bend down to tie your shoelace and you look around to 
         see what else you can do as long as you're down there." 

The newly-ordained minister was eager to share his wisdom  and gave a sermon entitled 

                        "Ten Commandments for Raising Children." 

After getting married and having a few children of his own, he changed the tile of his sermon to

                         "Ten Guidelines for Raising Children." 

When his children became teenagers, he stopped giving that sermon altogether.   
Moms can relate: Prince can show his love by NOT awakening princess & letting her sleep
              If you're a mom, you can relate!  

  "Secure Babies, Strong Children, Successful Adults"
It was Dad's turn to get up and walk the floor with the unhappy baby. After a while, the mom also got out of bed because she had never heard her husband sing to the baby before; she didn't recognize the tune and couldn't make out the words over the crying of the baby. As she got closer, she was able to hear the tender words the father was singing, over and over, to his inconsolable baby: 

                     Just wait till you have children, just wait till you have children....
Author and father Michael Burkett admits that there are days he dreams of taking up a "less challenging line of work" than parenting, such as "nude lion wrestling."              - from "The Dad Zone"