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 The Roots of Morality

To learn more, read "The Roots of Morality."  
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How soon should I start teaching my child to be a moral person?
You can't start too soon. In infancy, of course, you can't teach through words, only through actions.
What kind of actions? 
You must be a moral person yourself, and show love, respect, compassion and understanding to your child from the time he or she 
is born. Treat your baby the way you would want to be treated if you were a baby. (Would you want to be left alone to cry yourself to sleep?)

Research has found that attuned, empathetic and lovingly responsive parenting practices help children develop the parts of the brain that are involved in moral thinking and behavior. The brains of babies whose needs for security, affection and closeness are not met will not be well "wired" for prosocial behavior.