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The following papers are for those of you who wish to delve more deeply into certain topics and for those who would like to learn more about our sources.
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​♦   For those of you who would like to read a fascinating comparison of the 
     child-rearing methods of two hunter-gatherer-gardener cultures and 
     the characteristics and values of the adults they produced, with a 
     discussion of the implications for modern American society and its 
     child-rearing goals and methods, click on the title below: 
♦   For those who'd like to critically examine the behavioristic, independence-
     training theory that has been influencing American infant-rearing for 
     decades, and to compare and contrast it with the theory of optimum 
     psychosocial development click on the title below. The paper begins with a 
     chart and then goes on to the narrative.
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